Grand River Community Development provides unique services that address your community, social and healthcare needs. Our teams work directly with your community and/or tribe to develop sustainable projects that deliver a positive impact.

Consultation team

Our consultation team averages over 20 years of expertise in training and consultation in Indian Country. Our consultants are considered national experts ranging in areas of child welfare, mental health, healthcare, housing, community and economic development, and tribal governance. We have specialized trainers that can develop your staff in leadership, management, human resources, healthcare, and social service areas. Our consultants have worked with over 120 tribes nationwide and have contracts with federal agencies such as SAMHSA, Children’s Bureau, Department of Justice, and Bureau of Indian Affairs. We have and continue to assist states and private agencies nationwide.

Construction Team

Our construction team averages 25 years of expertise in project management, architectural, plumbing, and real estate services. With over 8,500 units that include acquisition, development, rehab and a transaction value exceeding $500 million in assets, we bring market knowledge, industry relationships, timely execution and strategic thinking to your project. Our team’s certification as a Green Built Home Contractor aids in providing a more sustainable and energy efficient product.

Our full-service business model allows us to manage every stage of development, from the planning phase to a fully opened and operational building. In order to help you build the highest quality residential or service facility for your needs, we provide the following services:

  1. Community Engagement

  2. Plan Development

  3. Licensing & Accreditation

  4. Development & Design

  5. Project Management

  6. Staff Recruitment

  7. Strategic Planning

  8. Technical Assistance