Development and Design

With decades of real estate investment and management experience, Grand River Community Development offers the full spectrum of services needed to design, develop, acquire, finance, lease, and manage housing, as well as health care and social service facilities. Our consultants are committed to delivering superior financial and social value to investors, for-profit and nonprofit partners, and, most importantly, communities. During design, Grand River will work with your community to determine the optimal functionality, ensure cost-efficiency, and make certain the project includes features unique to and culturally congruent with your community.

During this stage, the consultant will conduct the following: 

  1. Coordinate with the tribal community to develop preliminary renderings of the project
  2. Coordinate with the tribal community to select appropriate property for facility
  3. Coordinate with local, state, federal agencies to gain permits and support for the project
  4. Coordinate with Design Build General Contractor and tribal community to plan construction
  5. Attend all pre-construction and construction progress meetings throughout the development process
  6. Communicate progress to Tribal Council and Workgroup on a monthly basis throughout the construction and post construction phases
  7. Coordinate the purchasing of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E)